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Figurz is all about Rock’n’Roll. That’s all.


A powerful music, muscled, that shakes your chest cavity before it knocks you out. Even if their music is fueled with the fundamental’s energy, those guys make it so it also wraps its arms around you and you’re surrounded by a comforting nostalgia. 

Their music is a campfire around which stories are told and told again. It feeds on everyone’s sensibility and experience. Around the flames, images are created, movies are being watched and lyrics are written.

✔️ Finaliste et médaille d'argent du tremplin Rock&Folk 2021.

 Finalist and silver medal of the musical springboard Rock&Folk 2021

✔️ Lauréat de la BJT de Nimes en 2021.

Winner of the BJT Nimes 2021

✔️ Finaliste du tremplin Orizon Sud à Marseille en 2021.

Finalist of the musical springboard Orizon Sud Marseille 2021

✔️ Selection dispositif d'accompagnement 34Tours en 2021.

Picked for the support mechanism 34Tours 2021

✔️ Artiste de la Pépinière Victoire 2 en 2020/2021.

Artist of Pépinière Victoire 2 2020/2021

✔️ Sélection régionale Occitanie Est des Inouïs du PDB en 2020.

Picked for Inouïs du PDB Occitanie Est 2020

✔️ Lauréat du Weekend des Curiosités à Toulouse en 2020.

Winner of Weekend des Curiosités Toulouse 2020

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